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Garrett Watts
51 minutes ago
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Garrett Watts 1:50 PM
Had fun too, will probably be on again later today to get the other single player campaign trophys, could always do some more co-op if you want to.
[Owner] UnsungKhmer 11:26 AM
Hahahaha had fun on far cry with Garrett, need to get on there and do some hunting and side missions, had to cut out early due to work today
[Owner] UnsungKhmer 11:26 AM
Captains log: 30AUG15 1125: Blue is a dick, possible reason could be the repeated beatings he gets in rocket league. Must advise later.
[Owner] Blue Razgriz 29th Aug
thirsty ass hoes hahaha
Garrett Watts 29th Aug
No they don't, having a coca cola cherry rn and it's almost gone
[Owner] Blue Razgriz 29th Aug
haha fuck your soda
[Owner] UnsungKhmer 29th Aug
Captains log: 29aug15 1038: 12oz soda doesn't last long when thirsty
[Owner] UnsungKhmer 29th Aug
I got a soda
[Owner] UnsungKhmer 29th Aug
I need a soda
crushedoreo 29th Aug
Yo amigos!! Haven't been here in awhile, how's everything? Just got back on destiny!
peanutty420 27th Aug
peanutty420 27th Aug
Work has been crazy this month i prolly wont be bo at all again until sunday
[Owner] CJ_Houston 26th Aug
I could go for some Arma or H1Z1.
peanutty420 25th Aug
so if u are interested in either game let me know and add on steam peanutty420
peanutty420 25th Aug
would anyone be interested in team battle royale on H1Z1? it came out recently and seems pretty fun!! Also there is a new mod out for arma 3 called exile and its pretty good i just kept getting rekt by fully geared guys spawn camping lol

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