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A North American PC Clan

For like minded gamers

 Memo to all new members:

  To sign up for game nights you can attend look at the event planner for upcoming game nights and click on attend if you can make it. To see if any are posted for the future go to the tab on the main menu that says game night calendar and click it.

UGA_Octainrod (DayZ)
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Chat Box
Admin CJ_Houston(DayZ) 7:36 PM
Been getting quite around here, going to start recruiting for DayZ again here soon.
Admin Yeti0869 (Hawken) 6:01 PM
whats up everyone?
Admin CJ_Houston(DayZ) 18th Apr
I will be on the arma dayz mod if anyone wants to join. I should be on around 930 10pm cst.
Mod Zenku 17th Apr
1 more Week and I'll have Titanfall CJ, so looking forward to that
Admin CJ_Houston(DayZ) 17th Apr
Had a blast on the DayZ mod. A lot of weapons, Ricky and I are pretty loaded down.
GNC RickyRuiz_7311(DayZ) 16th Apr
Fallen earth is not that bad
Admin CJ_Houston(DayZ) 16th Apr
I will be, I was hoping we all could jump on the mod for Arma tonight
jonny11208(DayZ) 16th Apr
Anyone playing dayz tonight?
Admin CJ_Houston(DayZ) 16th Apr
Think I am going to check Defiance out this weekend on PC. Maybe it runs a litle better then it did on PS3 this time last year.
Admin Yeti0869 (Hawken) 16th Apr
Fallen Earth doesnt look too bad to play
Deaz95(DayZ) 15th Apr
hey guys i'm going home for easter break so I will be MIA till sunday but I look forward to DayZing with you guys when i get back
Admin CJ_Houston(DayZ) 15th Apr
Arma 2 is on sale for 3.75 on Steam with the complete edition on sale for 9.99. I bought it to play the DayZ mod.
Admin Yeti0869 (Hawken) 15th Apr
later tonight i should be playing hawken if anyone is interested in playing
Admin CJ_Houston(DayZ) 15th Apr
This is an awesome base. Speed up to 26 minutes
Admin UGA_Octainrod (DayZ) 15th Apr
I don't.
Admin CJ_Houston(DayZ) 15th Apr
Anyone want to try Arma 2 DayZ mod?
Admin CJ_Houston(DayZ) 15th Apr
I was wanting to get a game on Steam, not sure what to buy.
Admin UGA_Octainrod (DayZ) 15th Apr
I won't br playing Hawken my Laptop just can't handle it.
GNC RickyRuiz_7311(DayZ) 14th Apr
sorry i havent been gaming lately I helped make a tpost fence and i blistered up both my hands -_-

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