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For like minded gamers

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  To sign up for game nights you can attend look at the event planner for upcoming game nights and click on attend if you can make it. To see if any are posted for the future go to the tab on the main menu that says game night calendar and click it.

UGA_Octainrod (DayZ)
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Admin Yeti0869 (Hawken) 11:11 PM
alright i should be available about 1030pm est if your wanting to hop on, and again on saturday
SinlessMortal(DayZ) 11:07 PM
ill give it a try tomorrow Yeti sorry didnt see your message till i was hopping off for bed.
Admin Yeti0869 (Hawken) 8:24 PM
Sinless when you wanna hop on and give it a try?
Deaz95(DayZ) 7:51 PM
Hey guys I'll be on epoch around 11ish PST. I know that's pretty late for you guys so I'll be on pretty much all day Sunday for those who wanna go back and conquer balota XD
SinlessMortal(DayZ) 7:20 PM
i have just finished downloading/installing Hawken
SinlessMortal(DayZ) 5:59 PM
Yeah I wasted over 200 rounds trying to attract zombies and players lol no one came
Admin CJ_Houston(DayZ) 5:52 PM
Get murdered by Zombies
SinlessMortal(DayZ) 5:42 PM
So, after about an hour of trying to kill my self so I could re spawn..... How does one respawn? The option on the esc menu isn't available for me
Admin Yeti0869 (Hawken) 3:07 PM
Reminded for everyone: If anyone is interested this Saturday I will be hosting a Hawken Game Night. It is free to play on Steam! So come join me in a couple matches and have a blast
SinlessMortal(DayZ) 1:26 PM
Im on DayZ (sa) now and could still use a little help at the NW AF if anyone is available?
SinlessMortal(DayZ) 12:13 PM
Ill be on SA all day today and tonight. and part of tomorrow if anyone wants to join
Admin CJ_Houston(DayZ) 24th Apr
I will gaming like a Bachelor Saturday night into Sunday morning. My Fiance is going to a Crawfish boil all day and night with her BFF. So she is going to let me sleep in for watching the twins all day. can't complain.
Admin UGA_Octainrod (DayZ) 24th Apr
Just a heads up<><> My wife will be out of town Friday so I will be gaming like a bachelor. Mod or SA or BF4 or what ever just hit me up.
Admin CJ_Houston(DayZ) 23rd Apr
Meet you on TS.
Admin CJ_Houston(DayZ) 23rd Apr
Sweet Nick, I am jumping on now
Deaz95(DayZ) 23rd Apr
Hey CJ for tonight's dayz epoch I found a great server and I already got a ton of weapons and vehicle to suit you guys up
Admin Yeti0869 (Hawken) 22nd Apr
whats up mordifer
Admin CJ_Houston(DayZ) 22nd Apr
It's all good Mortifer. Add me on Steam cj_houston
Mortifer(DayZ) 22nd Apr
hey CJ =D i tried to respond to you but the message thing bugged out when i pressed enter, didnt know what to do then
Admin CJ_Houston(DayZ) 22nd Apr
Not sure how good it is. I wanted to check out Titanfall since I saw it at E3 last year. The price is so low I couldn't resist. The Stick of Truth is on sale for 39.99 at Amazon as well.
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